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Frequently Asked Questions - Owners

    If you own or manage
  • One or more furnished or semi-furnished apartments centrally located and well linked to public transport and services.

  • A furnished apartment in one of Barcelona’s residential areas.

The best choice you can make is to entrust it to Pillowapartments for short-term rentals. There are many advantages in comparison to traditional rentals:

  • The possibility of earning considerably more compared to a normal rent contract; with a rate of use at around 70% -80% (twenty days a month average) you will earn between 12% and 14% of the value of your apartment, against the 5% average obtained with normal rentals.

  • The risks are zero as compared with long-term rentals. The 5 years contract with the traditional 5 year rent contract you risk your apartment not being freed upon expiry or that, at some stage, the occupants might stop paying the rent; in either case it will cost you money and problems, if indeed it might not turn out to be impossible, to get possession of your house back; and there are many hidden risks also with other types of contracts, which, alas, one often does not think of in advance. Should you decide to contact us, we would be delighted to illustrate to you all the aspects. The tenants that rent by days always leave a security deposit in cash and their credit card as a guarantee.

  • Increased value over time. In agreement with you, Pillowapartments undertakes to invest in maintenance and improvements to your apartment, because its perfect conservation allows us to rent it better. With traditional long-term rentals you have to instead cope with the inevitable wear and tear your apartment will suffer.

  • Flexibility. You will be able to use your apartment in the periods in which you want to. For example, you could keep your house free for a set period (e.g. the first week in the month) or in those periods when you need it. We all manage this automatically, you just tell us what your needs of usage are...

  • You the owner will keep the availability of your apartment because what we offer you is a promotional/marketing contract and not a rent contract. The task you charge us with is that of finding leisure and business travellers that will stay in your apartment for brief periods - from a minimum of three days to a maximum of a month, or more.

How we promote your property

We prepare a detailed description of your apartment in Barcelona complete with pictures, that we then load onto our website in several languages and that will thus be visible worldwide round the clock, not on request but directly online, with immediate confirmation of bookings. We advertise through newspaper ads, posters, direct marketing both online and offline, with Internet banners and at specialist fairs.

So...Why not?
Write or call us: info@pillowapartments.com or Tel. (+34) 932213627
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